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Our histology core aims to provide researchers essential equipment for the preparation of high-quality tissue sections and slides for biological studies. These include a tissue processor, an embedding station, a microtome, cryostats and a cytocentrifuge.

Staff in charge: Ms. Joyce Wong and Ms. Angelie Shui


The Thermo Scientific™ CryoStar™ NX70 Cryostat allows users to cut fresh-frozen tissue sections down to 0.5μm at low temperatures. It also introduces a form-fitting design, an integrated height control and motorized sectioning.


The Thermo Scientific™ HistoStar™ Embedding Workstation allows users to embed tissue samples into paraffin blocks for efficient microtome sectioning.


The Thermo Scientific Cytospin 4 is a self-contained cyto-centrifuge that produces a monolayer of cells onto a glass slide from any fluid suspension. It can process up to 12 specimens at a time.


The Thermo Scientific™ Revos™ tissue processor allows fixed tissues to be infiltrated with wax so that they are ready for embedding and cutting. It also offers reduced tissue processing time and less risk of tissue damage, with no reduction in processing quality.


With the Thermo Scientific™ HM325 Rotary Microtome, users can cut paraffin embedded tissue sections as thin as 0.5μm. It also comes with a Section Transfer System, for users to transfer sections to a water bath more efficiently.

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