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System Demo - Colocalization of Biomarkers with the New Particle Metrix ZetaView x30 Family ( 22 Mar, 2024)

Demo Day: 22 Mar 2024 10:30 -12:30

Demo Registration deadline: 20 Mar 2024 17:00

Location: Room 6127 (Lift 22)

Speaker: Dr. Sven Rudolf Kreutel (Sales Director, Particle Metrix GmbH, Meerbusch, Germany,

CEO, Particle Metrix Inc, Mebane, NC, USA)

Timeline of the day: 

  •  Introduction to the new Zetaview with colocalization function with demo

  •  Sample preparation (fluorescence stain and incubate over lunch)

  •  Function trial with samples

Sample Requirement:

  • All kind of biological particles (vesicles, liposomes, EVs, Viruses, Prions, Protein aggregates, hybrid vesicles, micells etc.)

  • All kinds of nanometals (nano gold, nano silver Q-dots etc.)

  • All kinds of technical particles (paints, inks, polymers, nano diamonds etc.)

Particle size limits for biological: 40 – 1000 nm

Concentration: at last 1 x 10^6  

NO infectious or harmful material like pathogenic viruses, bacteria, prions etc.

Please bring the sample in microcentrifuge tubes (0.5 to 2 ml) and around 500 ml of your buffer of choice, best to stain your sample with kit of your choice in advance, or else, staining kit would be provided on the day, with the following reference link:

More info:


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