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Pacific Biosciences PacBio Sequel System


The PacBio Sequel System is powered by the Single Molecule, Real-time (SMRT) sequencing technology, which allows high-accuracy long-read sequencing. Average read length can be up to tens of kilobases. Targeted amplicon sequencing, isoform sequencing (Iso-Seq) and whole genome sequencing can be performed on the system.

The SMRT technology is built upon two key innovations, Zero-Mode Waveguides(ZMWs) and Phospholinked nucleotides. ZWMs allow light to illuminate only the bottom of a well where a DNA template-polymerase complex is immobilized. Phospholinked nucleotides allow observation of the immobilized complex as the DNA polymerase produces a completely natural DNA strand. There are up to a million ZMWs in a SMRT cell, which waveguides are simultaneously monitored in real time.

Advantages of SMRT sequencing:

  • Long Read length

  • High Consensus Accuaracy

  • Uniform Coverage

  • Simultaneous Epigenetic Characterization

  • Single Molecular Resolution

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