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Zeiss LSM 980 Confocal Microscope with AiryScan 2



The LSM 980 confocal microscope is an inverted laser microscope for high speed three-or-four-dimensional imaging of subcellular structures in live or fixed specimens. Paired with AiryScan 2, users can obtain super-resolution images up to 120/120 nm (x/y) at maximum 47.5 FPS without sacrificing signal-to-noise ratio.

All this is made possible by excitation shaping (slightly stretching the excitation beam along y-axis to make acquisition of maximum 8 image pixels possible, thus improving speed) and pinhole-plane imaging based on a 32-channel GaAsP-PMT area detector.

With Definite Focus.2, Z-Piezo drive and sensitive GaAsP detectors, the sensitivity, speed and resolution of live cell imaging is also enhanced.

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