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Mass Spectrometry Service


The facility offers mass spectrometry service with the following equipment, on a first-come-first-served basis:


Services Provided:

1. Shotgun protein identification (In-solution tryptic digestion and desalting service is available)
2. Protein quantification (Labelling/ Label-free Quantification)


Services Provided:

1. Protein Identification

This service incorporates both peptide mass fingerprinting (PMF) and MS/MS peptide fragmentation. The sample (single protein in solution) is digested with trypsin and the digested fragments are recorded. A list of fragments (“fingerprint”) is generated. From the list, the most abundant peptide ions are selected for MS/MS analysis. The fragmentation produces a series of sequence ions that are used for database searching. The protein is identified by matching the experimental results with the theoretical fragmentation patterns in the MASCOT database.​

a) Full service for Protein Identification (with sample preparation)

In-solution Digestion, Desalting, MALDI-TOF/TOF (PMF+MS/MS) and Database Search


b) Protein Identification* (without sample preparation)
MALDI-TOF/TOF (PMF+MS/MS) and Database search

*Sample spotted on a target plate


2.  Accurate Mass Measurement

This service provides accurate mass measurement of protein(s) in the sample.

a) Accurate Mass Measurement
Desalting and MALDI-TOF Manual export of MS spectrum and peak list data (in Excel format)

How to apply for the service?

Please fill in the corresponding form in FULL and submit sample(s) during office hours.

Details regarding sample submission can be found here.

For inquiries, please contact Ms. Joyce Wong at

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